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Family reunification. What is it?

Family reunification. What is it? | Хелпвиза

The procedure of family reunification is relevant for many immigrants, as it allows to restore relations with close relatives living in Ukraine.

This permission can get parents, separated spouses and their children. To obtain a visa to travel abroad, both parties should carefully prepare the documents.

family visa

Requirements for the inviting party

An emigrant who wishes to invite his relatives must provide documents that testify the availability of housing, a residence permit, a stable source of income.

This means that a family member living abroad meets the following requirements:

  • permanently resides in an apartment or in a private house, and not in a special center for foreigners;

  • is able to support a family and does not claim to receive social assistance for the unemployed;

  • does not have serious offenses.

Exceptions are possible for persons who have received refugee status, if the reunification of family members is not possible at home. As a rule, these categories of immigrants do not need to show income and sufficient living space.

Document set for family reunification

Relatives from Ukraine should also work hard to collect the required set of documents. Below is the standard list of required papers for most embassies:

  • Foreign passport with photocopies of its first page.

  • Copy of passport and residence permit of the inviting person.

  • An invitation from a relative living abroad.

  • Completed in German language visa application forms.

  • Photos: 4 pcs. the size of which is 35×45 mm.

  • For reunion of husband and wife — a marriage certificate legalized in Ukraine.

  • For reunification with a minor child — legalized original birth certificate.

  • To reunion with the parent — certificate of birth, family status, proof of income.

The documents submitted to the Embassy must be legalized. As well, they must be accompanied by a notarized translation into the German language (this does not apply to references and certificates the original language of which is English or German).

Family reunification visa

Some of the nuances

Minors must have permission to leave the country, notarized and signed by one or two parents (depending on family situation).

The procedure for reunification with a parent is more complicated, as it depends on many factors: the presence of workable children at home, financial situation and age of the applicant.

In the embassy, each application is considered in a separate order, and applicants may be required to present additional documents confirming their intentions.

Let’s sum up

The process of family reunification is quite time consuming. So, the inviting party needs to provide comfortable living conditions for all members of the family, and relatives from Ukraine — to take care of the documents.

It is worth considering if the Embassy has questions to the documents; it can slow down the process for several years or refuse altogether. In order for the family reunification procedure to be successful, it is desirable for applicants to turn to experienced specialists.

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