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Family Reunification

Family Reunification | Хелпвиза

Family reunification in the UK — a procedure that allows to obtain legally the citizenship of this country, on condition that Your relatives already live in the territory of the United Kingdom.

This opportunity can be used by spouses, minors, disabled parents, as well as parents, whose minor children live in the territory of the island state.

The service is especially high-demand in cases when parents, who moved abroad, decided to reunite with their children.

The website of the British Embassy will help You to find out all the details of family reunification documentation.

It is not worth to confuse the rules of family reunification with the rules operating in the Schengen area, because the United Kingdom is not the part of this zone.

Family Reunification

Family reunification in the UK: documents

  • Valid passport or ID, certify the identity. The passport must have at least one blank page for the visa.

  • A passport, the validity of which has already been exhausted, upon availability.

  • Two color photos.

  • Confirmation of relationship with the person with whom the reunion is planned.

  • Confirmation of financial soundness.

  • Confirmation of English language skills.

Depending on the circumstances, the consulate may require additional documents, for example, a form of sponsorship from a family member in the UK.

If an embassy representative has doubts, he can verify the reliability of the information submitted by the applicant. All the data are checked very carefully, so it’s not possible to go for some tricks.

The procedure may be refused if the applicant has a criminal record in the UK or any another country.

The submission of inaccurate or false information is a serious violation. In case of violation of the immigration laws of the island state, You can obtain a refusal too, for example, if there is a violation of the terms of stay and registration at the place of arrival.

Family Reunification to uk

What is needed for family reunification in the UK?

Persons who are not citizens of the European Economic Area, as well as Switzerland, may apply for a family reunification.

A family member, with whom a reunion is planned, must be a British citizen or must have a residence permit.

He can also have a refugee status.

The applicant must prove the following facts:

  1. This person is 18 years old.

  2. The relations with the person being reunited are genuine and are recognized by UK law.

  3. The person intends to live with a reunited person after receiving a visa.

  4. A reunited family can support itself financially. You need to provide proof of financial solvency, such as an extract from the bank.

  5. The person knows the English language well enough. The adults, as well as all minors, who cannot finance themselves, exempt this requirement.

Civil rights

The document, approved in the embassy, permits to work and to get an education in the UK. However, until a residence permit isn’t received, a citizen cannot claim to receive public funds financial support. The cost of family reunification in the UK depends on the specific type of visa. It also includes a consular fee.

The company Helpvisa will help you to arrange a document for a family reunification. Specialists of the visa center will translate the documents, effect an insurance policy, provide control and support at all steps of visa processing. Specialists of the center will help the applicant even to obtain a visa in difficult situations.

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