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How Ukrainians can get visa to England! Visa to the United Kingdom.

How Ukrainians can get visa to England! Visa to the United Kingdom. | Хелпвиза

Many people know that Britain is located in a territory of a variety of natural contrasts.

Most of the people are fascinated by the picturesque lakes in Scotland, well-groomed lawns with English impeccability, an incredible view of the mountains of Wales and breathtaking cliffs directly in the North of the country.

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How Ukrainians can get visa to England?

This question is asked by many of our compatriots. To implement the plan, the first thing to worry about is the UK visa. In 2017, it is more simply to obtain this document for the Ukrainian, if he or she applies for a help to the visa center «Helpvisa».

The agency’s staff will help not only to find out what needs to be done, but also to collect the necessary documentation, to accompany the client up to obtaining the desired document. Experienced professionals will tell you how and where to take fingerprints and will give advices conserning the other important questions.

What types of visa can be issued to the UK for Ukrainians?

Any types of visa … However, the following types of visas are the most popular among the clients of the «Helpvisa» visa center:

  • the family visa — to visit family members and relatives;

  • the guest visa to England — a trip to friends, acquainted people, made for you an official invitation;

  • the tourist visa to England for the child and yourself — any kind of this document is available to our clients who want to travel UK for the purpose of an unforgettable trip;

  • the transit document type is relevant for temporary residence in this country on the way to its destination outside the United Kingdom;

  • the business visa to the UK for Ukrainians is suitable for those who has an official invitation from the company (English legal entity);

  • Other equally important English document.


Does the British Consulate issue a Schengen visa?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not part of the Schengen zone. These countries have their own absolutely independent from the Schengen Union visa policy. From all of the above, it follows that citizens of Ukraine will need a separate visa to visit England.

Сonsequently, it follows that citizens of Ukraine will need a particular visa to visit England.

Such a process often turns out to be very labor-consuming and even cost-intensive for our compatriots. Especially for those, who do not know where to start, but still decides to go through all the processes on their own.

Often, ignorance of certain nuances becomes an obstacle to obtain a visa to the UK. To increase substantially your chances for a positive response after submitting a package of documents to the Consulate, do not hesitate to contact a visa center “Helpvisa”.

How to obtain an English visa to the country?

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the required category of the visa to England for the Ukrainian.

Next, You need to worry about the collection of the important documentation, to fill out an application form, to pay a consular fee, to submit the documents, taking into account some nuances.

If there was a refuse of obtaining a visa to England for a child or an adult, it is possible to appeal against a decision only when this right is indicated directly in the rejection letter.

Most people have a desire to avoid such an undesirable situation and decide to immediately
address tothe competentprofessionals who are ready to help to arrange the documents for a reasonable price.

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Visa to the United Kingdom: the price

If You have an invitation or a selected tour, for 1500 UAH You will get detailed counselling from the visa center “HelpVisa”, the filled out required questionnaire, the translation of required documentation, the appointment to the Consulate of the United Kingdom and the retrieval of Your passport from the Consulate of the United Kingdom, when the right moment comes.

If You haven’t an invitation, for 2700 UAH You will get You can count upon selection of a tourist tour with all the necessary package of documents, vouchers, bookings etc. Also, we will register You to the Consulate of the United Kingdom for the submission of documents, retrieve Your passport and do everything as best we can for receiving an approving answer.

For 300 $, we provide assistance in obtaining a visa to England, our business invitation, according to your occupation.

The consular fee is unchanged for all the above options – it is 118 euros, it can vary only depending on the currency rate.

In brief, the company “HelpVisa” will help You to obtain:

  • The guest visa to England;

  • The tourist visa to the UK;

  • The business visa to the UK.

Terms of obtaining a visa to the UK

Those who apply for help at the visa center «Helpvisa» as a result can receive a visa to the UK in 7, maximum 15 working days.

Where can You apply for a visa to the UK? What type of visa to the UK can You apply for?

Today, the most popular among Ukrainian customers of the company «Helpvisa» is a Visitor Visa to England.

It is suitable for those who want to go to the UK in order to visit relatives, to make tourism, to participate in business, to do sports and make some private visits.

Make a note: Since 2016 year, the British Embassy has changed the requirements for obtaining Visitor Visa — now each visa has its own special name.

In brief, when it becomes necessary to travel to England, it is worthwhile to address to the experienced experts for the correct visa processing and the chance of obtaining an affirmative answer from the British Consulate increases in by several times.

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