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The bride’s visa — what is it?

The bride’s visa — what is it? | Хелпвиза

Today, it is not difficult to find a life partner abroad. But when you decide to get married, the couples can face numerous bureaucratic difficulties, one of them is the issuance of a visa for the bride. The future husband and wife are ready to overcome all obstacles to achieve their goal. It is better to be prepared in advance and everything will be according to plan.

So, in this article we will analyze how the bride can get a permission to travel abroad to her young man.

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Documents for the visa of the bride

The bride’s visa is a document that gets the bride, but not yet his wife, in order to get married, and to have basic for applying for a residence permit in the country after marriage in the future. The bridegroom must take care of the bride’s visa process. He applies to the immigration service of his country, asking for permission to marry a foreign citizen.

To do this, he will need some documents of the bride:

  • A photocopy of a foreign passport.

  • A photocopy of the birth certificate.

  • All documentary evidence of your personal meetings: photos, letters, videos, where your sympathy and serious intentions are clearly demonstrated.

These documents the groom must send the bride in advance. In his turn, he fills in the required documents and submits to the country’s immigration service. The notarized translation of documents and legalization may be required.

Meanwhile, the bride arrange documents in Ukraine and already having a marriage invitation from the groom applies for visa.

Required documents:

  • National passport;

  • International passport;

  • Birth certificate;

  • If there was a previous marriage, it is also required a certificate of divorce;

  • Certificate of marital status (a statement certified by a notary);

  • Certificate of citizenship and registration from Visa and Registration for Foreigners Office;

  • A certificate stating that You haven’t criminal records;

  • Health medical assessment.

The arranged papers must be apostilled. The «Apostille» is a special sign that is stamped on non-commercial documents of institutions and member countries of the Hague Convention in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice. If the country is not a part of the Hague Convention, the documents need to be legalized, which is a more time consuming procedure.

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How long will the Consulate process the marriage application?

After the arrival of the bride, the marriage application will be process by Consulate in details, to identify marriages, concluded fictitiously. Employees of the Consulate often subjectively consider a close relationship with the couple. It is not out of place to show more shared photos, correspondence, gifts. If you are dispassionate, it can be considered as a lack of love. Questions can be unethical, intimate. Some countries require knowledge of the state language, even if it is not the native language for your future life partner.

It is also taken into consideration the material wealth of the groom and the living space for cohabitation. Usually, this unpleasant procedure lasts about 2 months, but if there are some additional questions, the process can take longer.

The rights granted by the visa of the bride

  • Legal stay in the state.

  • A visa is issued for a year with a possible extension.

  • Official employment.

  • The bride’s visa is the first step in obtaining citizenship.

Some nuances

After the expiration of the visa, the couple must either marry, or the bride will have to leave the country. If you have not entered into a legal marriage, you can get the visa again, after repeating through the whole way of processing the documents anew.

However, there is an unspoken rule, if you came to the groom, but did not marry him, and then again apply for a visa of the bride, you certainly will not obtain a visa. It will be difficult to get even a student visa, as the person, that already has a refusal, will be suspicious for other embassies too.

Although marital visas refusals exist, but if you have arranged the documents carefully, in accordance with all existing rules, if you are ready for an interview at the Embassy, then your efforts and hopes for a happy family life will certainly succeed!

Please contact our company and we will help in this difficult matter. We will provide comprehensive advices and will help to make the process of issuing a bride visa problem-free. Plan Your wedding, we’ll take care of all the documents!

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