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Student visa to the United Kingdom

Student visa to the United Kingdom | Хелпвиза

Student visa to the United Kingdom is the best option for applicants who want to study at educational institution in this country acting under the Home Office program. The minimum term of such a visa is six months. The term of a visa to the United Kingdom depends on the particular institution and program of study.

UK student visa

Types of Visas for Students

  • Child (student) — for children under 16 years.

  • General (student) — for applicants over 16 years.

The type of visa should be chosen in accordance with the level of the course and should be coordinated with the direction of the educational institution. Students who have reached the age of majority can not stay in the country for more than two years, if the level of education is lower than the bachelor’s level.

General Student permission is issued if 40 points are awarded to the local assessment system. Of these, 30 points are given for the confirmation of the enrollment for the course, and another 10 if there is enough money in the account.

If a student visa to the United Kingdom is issued for the first time, you need to pass an interview. So, if a student does not speak English well, he can be refused even if there are enough points.

Before getting a visa, you should find a sponsor (the host institution). They are British educational institutions, which gives the applicant a confirmation of admission to the CAS course.

The funding institution assumes the authority to be responsible for the future student for the entire period of his studies. The presence of a sponsor is one of the main arguments in obtaining a British visa.

The entry permit will be refused without a CAS. The applicant must have sufficient amount for his / her maintenance within 9 months. Its size depends on the city in which the university is located: for London it is 1 265 pounds, for other cities — 1 015 pounds per month.

UK student visa ua

Documents for a student visa to the United Kingdom

  • Application.

  • Confirmation of admission to the course.

  • Passport with two blank pages, and its photocopy.

  • Two color photos 3,5х4,5 mm.

  • Reference from the bank about the existence of a sufficient amount on the account.

  • Statement from the bank about the flow of funds. It is not necessary, but it is desirable.

  • A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate — if the certificate is issued in the name of the parents.

  • Original IELTS certificate.

  • Notarized original statement about sponsorship from parents.

If the applicant has been refused a visa and considers it to be erroneous, he / she can usually file a request for review of this decision after 28 days from the date of filing the first application.

While the student is in the United Kingdom, the university is obliged to control him. Information about the visit to the classes, enrollment of the applicant and other information the university sends to the Ministry of Immigration. The visa may be revoked, if a student violates the procedure of being and studying on the territory of the country.

The right to obtain an entry permit is available to those who provide proof of sufficient level of education and knowledge of English. Students studying for a student visa can not invite dependent persons to the country.

This right is granted to students who take Postgraduate courses, which last at least a year, as well as any students financed by the state and who have been studying for at least six months. Those students can get a working visa who has studied for 1 year and has received a degree of UK.

Persons 16-17 years old can work during their free time, but not more than 10 hours a week. Students who receive higher degrees can work 20 hours a week during their studies and unlimited time during the holidays.

Students of colleges and schools do not have the right to work. Students have the right to take additional courses, for example in the evening. For this, no permits are needed, but such training should not interfere with the basic.

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