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Visit visa to Canada

Visit visa to Canada | Хелпвиза

Visit visa to Canada is for those people who plan to visit relatives or friends in Canada. If you have good visa history and financial documents you have good chances to get a visa until the end of validity of your international passport!

Visa to canada

Visit visa to Canada – the package of documents:

  1. The documents that are provided by the inviting person:

  • An invitation, it is better if the invitation will be notarized,;

  • A copy of the first page of the passport of a inviting person in Canada;

  1. The documents that are provided by the applicant:

  • A passport for traveling abroad, the validity of which must be at least 6 months before the expiration of the visa, as well as it should be enough place for a new visa;

  • A previous passport for traveling abroad, or another one, and its copy;

  • 2 photos 35×45 mm on a light background;

  • A bank statement of the balance and cash flow for the last three month;

  • A reference from the place of work (on the company’s letterhead with the address, contact phone, your position, salary for the last 6 months);

  • The copies of documents confirming family / friendships ties with inviting persom (copies of birth / marriage certificates / photos together / correspondence)

  • The Consulate of Canada reserves the right to request additional documents at its discretion.

The cost of the consular fee and the price for the services of the visa application center “HelpVisa” is better to re-confirm by calling the contact numbers (097) 630 54 72, (099) 544 05 24, (044) 227 32 60, (044) 227 32 61.

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