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Visit visa to Great Britain

Visit visa to Great Britain | Хелпвиза

A visit visa to Great Britain is for those people who plan to visit their relatives or friends. If you go to Great Britain for the first time, you can get a visit visa for six months, the number of entries to the country is unlimited, but it is strictly during the validity period of the visa.

First of all, you need an invitation, made by the person lawfully residing in the UK.


The person who will arrange the invitation must meet the following criteria:

  • to be a citizen of Great Britain;

  • to be a citizen of any of the countries of the European Union and to be a resident of Great Britain;

  • to have a citizenship of any other country, but still to have the status of a resident of Great Britain;

  • for citizens of Ukraine it can be a working or a student visa (depending on its type).

If the inviting part meets at least one criteria of the list above, it should not be any problems with obtaining a visa to the UK, on the condition that all necessary documents are prepared correctly.

The basic rules for obtaining a visit visa to the UK:

  • A candidate for a visa must prove the necessity of returning home after the expiry term of the issued visa. It can be proved documentary by having strong economic, social ties in the country of which you are a citizen.

  • It is interdicted to candidate to do any business ( to make goods and products, as well as, to provide any services) in the UK.

  • An applicant applying for a visit visa to the UK is required to prove his / her appropriate financial situation for the whole period of his / her stay in the UK.

If you have already been in the UK and wish to apply for a long-term visa, you can get a visa to the UK for a period of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years.

To obtain a long-term visa, you must visit the UK at least two times for the previous short-term visa, do not have cases of violation of migration legislation, and have a good visa history.

Each case of registration of a visit visa to the UK will be considered individually, so all of the following documents and references are only common for all the situations.

For some individual cases, the package of documents for this visa may be extended.

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A visit visa to Great Britain – the package of documents:

  1. The documents that are provided by the inviting party:

  • An invitation, written in an arbitrary form and signed;

  • A copy of the first page of the passport of a receiving part, if this person is the citizen of Great Britain;

  • The documents that confirm the ownership rights in property;

  • In case that the inviting person sponsors travel expenses, the documents and certificates, which confirm financial status, will be required.

  1. The documents, that are provided by the applicant:

  • A passport for traveling abroad, the validity of which must be at least 6 months before the expiration of the visa, as well as it should be enough place for a new visa;

  • A previous passport for traveling abroad, or another one, and its copy;

  • A photo 35×45 mm on a light background, without any additional element, made not earlier than 3 months before the trip;

  • A bank statement of the card balance, with a wet stamp of the bank, the validity of the statement is not more than 3 weeks;

  • A reference from the place of work, which will indicate the position, length of service, as well as your monthly salary;

  • A document from a school or university with a wet stamp (if you are studying);

  • In addition: the copies of documents on the availability of movable and real property;

  • The copies of documents confirming family / friendships (copies of birth / marriage certificates / photos together / correspondence).

The Consulate reserves the right to request additional documents on their consideration.

The price of the preparation of the documents of the visit visa to the UK in the visa center “HelpVisa” is 1800 UAH. (Additionally you pay only the consular fee of 110 euros). (The cost of the consular fee and the price for the services of the visa application center “HelpVisa” is better to re-confirm by calling the contact numbers (097) 630 54 72, (099) 544 05 24, (044) 227 32 60, (044) 227 32 61).

Why is it comfortable to use our services for a visitor visa in our company?

  • We have been successfully helping Ukrainian citizens to obtain visas for more than 9 years;

  • We have operative and objective information about the visa procedures of the British Consulate in Ukraine;

  • Our agency works with both private and legal entities from all regions of Ukraine;

  • We do not offer unnecessary services and extra charges.

If you do not need to prepare all document for the British visa on a general basis, our specialists will be happyto provide you with the appropriate level of necessary servicesseparately (translation of the documents into English or French, consultation on the preparation or selection of the documents, the correct filling of the visa application form).

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